By making high-quality hearing aids affordable, our mission is to make them accessible to Americans who cannot afford, or simply do not wish to pay, thousands of dollars in retailer markups.

Embrace Hearing's hearing aids are engineered and produced in Germany  with the latest technology, from an industry-leading manufacturer. Our devices are commonly sold by audiologists for thousands of dollars. Yet, we are able to deliver hearing aids directly to you at a fraction of the price.

How can we offer high-quality hearing aids for $399?

It's important to understand why hearing aids cost so much today:

Audiologists control the vast majority of sales in the US hearing aid market. While audiologists provide valuable services, they view the sale of hearing aid devices as an opportunity to generate profits by charging exorbitant markups of 3 to 5 times or even more. These markups are the only reason hearing aids cost so much.

Audiologists mark up hearing aids an additional 3-5 times at sale. We cut out the middlemen.

We work directly with manufacturers 

By providing you with all of the support and guidance during the purchasing process, we remove the need for an audiologist visit.  We have direct contact with our top-tier manufacturer, allowing us to sell directly to you on our revolutionary online platform.

We prioritize affordability and accessibility

Today 75% of Americans who would benefit from hearing aids choose not to purchase. When asked why, the most commonly cited reason is high cost. Among the 25% who do use hearing aids, the high cost of replacement is a constant frustration.

Save Money

Audiologists bundle re-fittings and follow-up visits into the cost of the hearing aids, and use this as an explanation for high hearing aid prices. However, only 20% of customers make 5 or more visits to the audiologist in the year after buying hearing aids to take full advantage of follow-up services.  If you believe you're likely to be part of this 20%, you may benefit from the "insurance" provided by bundled services. But if this doesn't sound like you, you're likely to be overpaying for hearing aid services you'll never use.  To read more, visit Hearing Aid Bundling Information.

Embrace Hearing offers one free reprogramming in the 45-day trial period if you are unhappy with the initial programming.  With the money you will save on the initial cost of the hearing aid, you will most likely be in the 80% of the population that saves thousands of dollars buying from hearing aids online from Embrace Hearing.  For further analysis, visit: Hearing Aid Costs: Embrace Vs. Local Retail.


Improve Your Quality of Life

If you have hearing loss and haven’t purchased hearing aids, it’s likely that you’re worried about high prices or the “stigma” of looking old. But hearing loss can occur at any age, and half of all Americans with hearing loss users are between 45 and 74 years old.

In fact, hearing aid users are viewed as more adaptable and optimistic than those who decline hearing aids. And untreated hearing loss has been linked to depression, memory deterioration and even career setbacks.

If you think you may notice any of the signs of hearing loss, take a hearing test today. You may find hearing aids are a life-changing experience, whether you choose to buy hearing aids online or from an audiologist.


How to Buy Embrace Hearing Aids


Follow these three easy steps to better hearing.  Visit our FAQ or Contact Us with any questions along the process.

Receive a hearing test


Buy from our website

  • Select your hearing aid and proceed to checkout
  • On the checkout page, submit your audiogram through email, fax, or manually typing in your values

Hearing aids shipped to your door

  • Receive your custom-programmed hearing aid at your door in 5-7 business days
  • If you are not 100% satisfied, send it back within 45 days for a full refund


Who makes Embrace Hearing Aids?

Unlike many other online distributors, Embrace Hearing has partnered with a leading hearing aid manufacturer to offer top of the line hearing aids, competitive with any hearing aid offered at audiologists offices or local hearing aid dispensers.  Most manufacturers have exclusive agreements with Audiologists in order to keep hearing aid prices artificially high, but our unique partnership is with a leading German manufacturer that has only recently decided to enter the American market.  They are not tied into these exclusive deals, and are much more open to high tech distribution channels like Embrace Hearing.

How do Embrace Hearing Aids compare to others on the market?

Embrace Hearing Aids are all made in Germany or the United States, with the latest hearing aid technology.  Our hearing aids offer the same technology and functionality as top of the line Siemens and Phonak hearing aids, with a focus on design and elegance.  
Embrace Hearing Aids have won numerous prestigious design awards.


America's Problem With Hearing Aids

We started Embrace Hearing to try to find a solution to America's low adoption rate of hearing aids.  An incredible 27 million Americans who could benefit from hearing aids haven't purchased them yet.  There is irrefutable data and studies that have shown that hearing aids dramatically improve the quality of life in hearing loss sufferers, yet only 1 in 7 of Americans over 50 years old who needs hearing aids actually wears them.  

The number one reason for this low adoption rate is price, followed by the social stigma of wearing a hearing aid.  We are trying to solve both of these issues by making hearing aids affordable and easily accessible.


Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dispensers Should Not be the Only Option

There is a need in the market for entrepreneurs to develop unique marketplaces to offer an alternative option to the high bundled prices charged by audiologists and hearing aid dispensers.  While Embrace Hearing is not right for everyone, we believe that for the majority of hearing loss sufferers in the United States, Embrace Hearing is the best option for high-quality, affordable hearing aids.  


Americans Are Not Receiving the Care They Deserve

The cost structure and sales channels that audiologists and hearing aid dispensers use are out of date and not optimized for the average American. In many ways, the market for hearing aids is similar to the market for contact lenses 10 years ago. People with hearing loss deserve the opportunity to purchase high quality hearing aids for an affordable price.