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Product Description

Small, with a special emphasis on design for the ultimate in comfort and functionality.
The Embrace X-Mini hearing aid is connected to the ear canal with a barely-visible, transparent tube. The tiny housing features a stylish wave design with contrasting color providing a nice highlight.
  • Latest receiver-in-ear technology and external positioning of the receiver ensure that the housing is tiny
  • Modern openness: natural sound quality without blocking the auditory canal
  • Suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing loss
  • Extremely fast and stable feedback blocking system
  • Multi-channel speech recognition & noise reduction
  • Adaptive, MultiMic, multi-channel directional technology
  • Binaural synchronization of the hearing systems
  • See Hearing Aid Glossary for more details
  • Technical Details (PDF)
  • 4 Channels / 8 Bands
  • Uses 312 batteries
  • 4 Program Settings
  • Right/Left side identification and on/off with battery compartment
  • Selection of alerting signals (tones or melodies)
  • Dirt and moisture-repellent nano-coating
  • Convenient program pushbutton on the housing
  • See Hearing Aid Glossary for more details
  • 3 month supply of 312 batteries
  • Optional wireless remote control syncs with hearing aids to manually control volume, change program and turn the hearing aids on and off.  The remote control is heavily recommended with the X-Mini in order to dynamically set volume.  You can always return the remote in the 45-day trial period for a $99 refund.
  • Includes all components necessary to wear out of the box
  • Free, no-hassle shipping
  • Free custom programming based on your individual hearing profile
  • 45 day free, no-hassle Embrace Hearing returns
  • Two year manufacturer warranty
  • Professional support directly from Embrace Hearing
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