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Fully custom porgrammed. State-of-the-art hearing aids with the clarity that only custom programming can deliver. Two-way Bluetooth for completely “hands free” phone calls (iPhone® or Android™). Industry leading 3 year warranty, 45 day free trial and lifetime support.

Meet our Invisible Hearing aids

Invisible high performance that automatically adjusts to your environment.

One of the smallest hearing aids ever made. The high performance, custom programmed C-Series fits right inside your ear canal for complete discretion backed by an industry leading 3 year warranty. Includes a free APP (iPhone® or Android™) for adjustments. Custom programming, 45 day free trial and lifetime support.

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What our Customers are Saying


Sean W. from Minneapolis

I have near profound hearing loss at the higher frequencies. My existing hearing aids no longer worked with my deteriorating hearing loss. I bought the X-Series because I like to be able to control the volume from my phone. The people at Embrace are very responsive. I got a call from one of their doctors shortly after receiving them and another follow up from her three weeks later to confirm everything was working correctly. My last pair of aids from Embrace lasted 7 years and still work, they just need software updates. Embrace offered to do that for me but I decided to get new ones instead - they will be donated. Great hearing aids, great company, great prices. My primary needs are to hear in small groups (restaurants), movie theaters, private conversations, watch television without alerting the neighbors:-). I have channels for each of those and a setting for my tinnitus. I can hear birds again!!!


Ed McT. from Shirley, NY

After wearing in-ear hearing aids for about 10 years my old pair were shot. Although the audiologist at the storefront hearing aid store was great I found after my hearing test I'd come home and the results didn't translate to real world. So I checked on-line. Embrace had excellent reviews. Looking further I was amazed at their prices, about half what the storefront company charged. I got the X-950s, and I'm thrilled. Very small and almost impossible to see when on. I'm especially happy with being able to adjust the volume and programs with a cell phone app. So if I'm in a noisy environment or dealing with one of those people who speak too softly, I have plenty of room to adjust the volume up. On a final note I want to mention that the people I've dealt with at Embrace are very patient and accommodating. They're genuinely concerned that you get the right product and that it works right.


Ralph from Union, WV

After being impressed by the online reviews, I contacted Embrace Hearing, They responded quickly to email and within the week a technician phoned me to discuss my hearing profile and took my order, even though that was not his job. The order was placed Friday and the hearing aids were delivered Monday. I have worn hearing aids for ten years - first Beltones, then Phonaks. The Embrace hearing aids are FAR superior. They are smaller and lighter and the speaker in the ear, rather than in the hearing aid body behind the ear with its audio output fed to the ear through a sound tube. The tiny speaker cushioned with a flexible anti-feedback diaphragm surrounding it, is practically unnoticeable. No discomfort whatsoever. The surround- sound option is remarkable - it adjusts to its environment so hearing what's important is enhanced. The price is about 40% less than the competition, and they furnished insurance claim forms for reimbursement.

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