Even though a large majority of people report increased quality of life with hearing aids, the infographic below shows an incredible 27 million Americans who could benefit from hearing aids haven't purchased them yet.

Part of the reason is financial cost -- but the other major reason is stigma. Especially among Baby Boomers, there is a fear of looking older. But hearing loss can occur at any age, and half of all Americans with hearing loss users are between 45 and 74 years old.

In fact, hearing aid users are viewed as more adaptable and optimistic then those who decline hearing aids. And untreated hearing loss has been linked to depression, memory deterioration and even career setbacks.

If you think you may notice any of the signs of hearing loss, take a hearing test today. You may find hearing aids are a life-changing experience, whether you choose to buy hearing aids online or from an audiologist.

Hearing Aids Infographic