When we’re not suffering from hearing loss, our brain naturally adjusts to noise levels as we go about our day. For example, if we move from a quiet car to a busy restaurant, our brain will gradually become accustomed to the higher noise level in the restaurant, enabling us to easily hear conversations around us.

But after hearing loss strikes, it becomes harder for our ears (and thus our brain) to make those adjustments. Instead, we must rely upon hearing aid technology to make those adjustments for us.

Most hearing aids today are equipped with so-called “programs” that allow the listener to manually switch between hearing modes depending upon their surroundings. So a hearing aid user can toggle between a mode for quiet surroundings and a mode for noisy environments, often just with the press of a button on a remote control.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to press a button at all—in other words, if you could return to the “automatic” adjustments that you experienced before hearing loss?

At Embrace Hearing our H-300 and H-700 hearing aids are equipped with new technology that does just that. It’s called AutoSurround, and it automatically fine-tunes your hearing aids’ settings as you move throughout your day.

Here’s how it works:

  • More than 30 sophisticated sensors inside your hearing aids constantly scan your environment to determine the level of noise around you.
  • Once the sensors have identified your current noise level, AutoSurround technology inside the hearing aids adjusts your aids’ settings to match the situation.
  • Even situations that confuse other hearing aids—like a quiet room, speech in a large group, or even live or recorded music—are easily handled with AutoSurround.
  • And when you move to a different environment, AutoSurround stays active, automatically adjusting to maintain the purest quality sound.

And while most customers prefer the automation offered by AutoSurround, Embrace Hearing hearing aids still offer you the ability to manually switch between hearing programs with buttons on the hearing aids or with a remote control if you so desire.

With Embrace Hearing hearing aids equipped with AutoSurround, the effortless transitions from different noise levels you experienced prior to your hearing loss are now even easier to enjoy, all without any additional work on your end.