For many of us, the holidays represent those joyous special moments when friends and loved ones come together and wonderful memories are made.

Yet for those that suffer from untreated hearing loss, the Holidays can be stressful, exhausting and can ultimately lead to feeling isolated outside the celebration.

Often individuals who suffer from hearing loss are aware that their hearing has deteriorated but are reluctant to accept the relief hearing aids will provide. The high cost of quality hearing aids may be deterring them or they may be embarrassed by what they see as a weakness and try "get by" without using a hearing aid. This leads to garbled and incomplete communication that can be source of tremendous frustration.

An individual’s hearing loss also affects families and friends, and this is especially true during holiday and family celebrations. Families and friendships have an inherent need for social contact and mutual support and this can be negatively impacted through the loss of sharing the companionship, humor and thoughts of the hearing isolated family member. It can be hard to address these issue but here are some helpful tools for speaking to others about the issue.

At Embrace Hearing, we want to help everyone with hearing loss to enjoy the holidays more this year. Because we cut out much of the overheads that are built into traditional retailers costs, our high performance hearing aids sell for well less than half the price of traditional hearing aid retailers – a savings of several thousand dollars for each customer. Embrace Hearing’s exceptionally discreet hearing aids are custom programmed by our experienced audiology team with state of the art European software and technology. Independent product reviews show that our quality and service is as good or better than the best names in Hearing Aids and our own excellent customer reviews completely back this up.

Can we help you Embrace the holidays this year?