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Is buying hearing aids online right for me?

Once you get over the shock of how much hearing aids cost, you may wonder if buying hearing aids online is right for you?

Think about what is more important to you … buying the best quality product or being pampered? Are you the kind of person who is willing to spend time to scour the internet for the best product at the best price? Are you willing to pick up the phone or write an email and ask for help? If quality and the best possible hearing aid price are your primary concerns, then buying online may be the right way to go.

Premium Online hearing aid retailers, like Embrace Hearing offer high quality, custom programmed European hearing aids for prices that traditional hearing aid retailers cannot compete with.

On average, a pair of custom programmed European BTE/RIC (Behind the Ear; Receiver in Canal) digital hearing aids will cost approximately $4000-$8000 (depending on performance level) at a hearing aid retail store or at an audiologist’s office. The same quality hearing aids can be bought online for approximately $1400- $2500. They will be custom programmed by a professional audiologist and they will be delivered to your door within a week. You will have 45 days to try out them out and can return them for a full refund if you don’t like them for any reason.

How do they do this?

Online retailers do not have to absorb the costs associated with retail operations – prime office space, administrative staff, etc. These overhead costs make up a great deal of the cost of each hearing aid sold. In addition, a local retailer is usually limited to selling within a confined geographic region while an online retailer can serve customers all over the country, and even the world.

Are there services a local retail shop can offer its customers that an online retailer cannot?

Frankly, yes. Local retailers are in a position to pamper their customers. They can change wax guards and perform minor repairs and reprogramming on the spot. However, this pampering is costing you an extra $3,000 - $5,000 and like online retailers, they will still have to return hearing aids to the manufacturer for more complicated repairs.

How does an online hearing aid retailer provide these services?

Some of the services, you will provide yourself with the help of customer service teams and instructional emails and videos. Maintenance and minor repairs are straight forward and can be done by users in a few minutes or less. For major repairs and reprogramming, the hearing aids will have to be returned to the online retailer who will usually turn around your repair in a few days.

In short, the decision to buy online comes down to how much you are willing to spend, whether you are willing to do a little maintenance yourself, and if you are willing to accept that you may have to part with your hearing aids for a few days every few years for reprogramming or repair work. Buying hearing aids online is not as convenient as going to the local store, but allows purchasers to buy high quality hearing aids at affordable prices.

Whether or not you decide to buy hearing aids from a local retailer or online, your hearing aid experience will depend on purchasing good quality aids with reliable professional customer support. Be sure to look online for independent hearing aid reviews for both the retailer and the hearing aid brand you are considering before you buy and make sure you are offered no obligation trial period.


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