We’re proud to introduce our new top of the line H-700 hearing aid, which features discreet design, powerful sound processing, and unprecedented new technology to make your hearing experience as seamless as possible no matter your surroundings.

Below you’ll find highlights from the H-700 alongside feedback from satisfied customers who have upgraded to this next level in hearing aid technology.

State of the Art German Technology:

The H-700 is packed with all the standard features you would expect from a high-end hearing system, as well as new and updated technology that you won’t find in standard hearing aids.

Among the powerful features of the H-700 are:

  • The latest background and wind noise reduction technology
  • Advanced automatic feedback blocking
  • Dual/directional microphones on each ear for 360 degree hearing and background noise management
  • Easy-to-use volume and program buttons
  • Bluetooth compatibility to stream phone, music or T.V.
  • Customized programming by our experienced audiology team
  • 24/7 live toll-free customer service line

Also included on the new H-700 are two new technologies that bring industry-leading performance to your hearing experience:

“Live” Monitoring Auto-Surround Capability: The H-700 is equipped with auto-surround technology, a feature that the vast majority of premium hearing aids lack. This new, cutting-edge programming allows the software built into the hearing aid to continually monitor your surroundings and adjust levels to match the accompanying background noise. For example, the H-700 can detect when you move from a quiet car to a noisy restaurant and automatically manage the associated background noise levels in each environment.

Ultra-performance Bluetooth Remote: The H-700 features a completely wireless Bluetooth remote system that streams audio from your phone, music player, computer, or even your television directly to your ears in the smallest, most convenient size yet offered.

Satisfied Customers:

Embrace customers who have purchased the new H-700 have praised their new aids as easier to use and with even more powerful performance.

What Customers Think of the New H-700:

“I paid half the price of my local retailer and I am blown away by the quality of the hearing aids.”- Larry, Massachusetts

“My new aids arrived yesterday and they are more than light years improved over the prior technology.” – Dr. James G., Maryland

“Compared to the older version, this upgrade is in a new class.”- Dr. Philip F., Iowa

“Embrace aids are without question the best hearing aids that I have ever used.”- David C., Missouri


What Customers Think of Embrace Customer Service:

“I spent a lot of time online reading reviews. Embrace came up tops. But what really made me [buy] was the customer service.”- Ken M., Florida

“The speedy, prompt and professional service I received in relation to the maintenance and care of my hearing aids has been a great comfort to me…Embrace Hearing is the first and last word in after care service!”- Emma L., Australia

“I was listened to, got great service and the hearing aids are working terrifically. Would recommend them to anyone.”- Judy, United States

“Thank you so much for your “above and beyond” service!”- Paul H., Arizona