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The Importance of a Professional Hearing Test

Our customers are sometimes surprised that we insist on using a recent Audiological Evaluation conducted by a licensed hearing professional. After all, and online hearing tests is so convenient. 

We insist on a recent hearing evaluation conducted by a licensed hearing professional for three reasons: 

1. To take full advantage of the high-performance levels of Embrace hearing aids, they must to be programmed to an accurate hearing profile. We only sell highly sophisticated premium hearing aids. These aids come with up to 20 programmable bands and state of the art software. To give you the performance you are paying for, we need an accurate measure of hearing loss at every frequency level. This can only be done with Pure Tone Audiometric testing done under carefully controlled soundproof clinical conditions by a licensed professional. This is rarely the case in a noisy crowed discount store or on your laptop with you ear buds.

2. It’s important to know why you are having challenges hearing. Hearing Aids may not be the right solution for you. A hearing care professional will examine your ears with an otoscope to identify any issues in the ear canal or with the eardrum. Sometimes hearing loss can simply be caused by compacted wax or even water in your ear. A full professional evaluation will also include a Bone Conduction test to check if there is a problem in the middle ear cavity that may be affecting your hearing. A Speech Recognition test investigates the auditory nerve which sends signals from the ear to the brain and could lead to issues understanding speech and sounds in the brain itself. Finally, a Tympanometry test will evaluate the condition of the middle ear and ear drum. If this test detects fluid, this condition is nearly always temporary and medically treatable without hearing aids. None of these important tests can be completed online.

3. Professionally conducted evaluations are complete, reliable and comply with industry regulations and best practices. Home and Online tests and equipment are not regulated and have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are not recognized by the American Academy of Audiology or State Licensing Authorities. To program hearing aids in most states, licensed hearing aid professionals must require a pure tone audiometric test accompanied with a test for bone conduction loss. 

So, while we may lose some business to other online companies offering "Online” hearing tests, we want you to get the most of your hearing investment so we stand firm behind our requirement for a complete Audiological Evaluation. While a professional hearing assessment may cost $80, hearing aids are costly and your hearing is important - why not start with a proper test? We know you will be happier with hearing aids programmed to the results. 

How to get a test?

To book your test, we suggest that you make your appointment at a local ENT (ear/nose/throat) doctor or a local Audiologist. They have the most experience and give the best hearing evaluations. Avoid chains and big box stores like Walmart.  Click here for instructions on how to book a test.

NOTE: If they say the test is free, they will not likely give you a copy. Be sure to tell them you will want a copy of the test when you book the test. They might charge you $80 for the test but you will be able to have a copy and buy your hearing aids anywhere you like.

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