Can I use my hearing aids like wireless ear buds?

Yes, you can!  Now you can have hands-free, two-way conversations on your iPhone, Android smartphone, laptop or any other Bluetooth device – all without the need for a streamer or remote.  With the new Embrace X-Series, you will receive clear sound from audio and video calls in both ears, delivered with the clarity you expect from the best hearing aids. Your phone can be in your pocket, on the car-seat beside you or even 20’ away.

Not only does the Embrace Hearing X-Series offer handsfree two-way streaming to and from all Bluetooth devices (Apple and Android), but also, it is packed with the latest software and technology for the best hearing aid experience available today. All with a 45-day free trial, 100% money back, period and a three-year comprehensive warranty.  And there are both battery operated and rechargeable models.

Now you can hear your phone calls, Zoom meetings, or Skype and Facetime chats clearly and effortlessly – and stay connected with your family, friends and community.  Your hearing aids will be like wireless stereo headphones that you can use to enjoy podcasts, driving directions and music delivered with the sound clarity that matches your specific hearing challenges.

You can also control your hearing aids with a smartphone app which will allow you to change left and right volume together or separately, and switch programs.

Embrace Hearing aid prices are less than half of what you can expect to pay at a retail audiologist. We offer 24/7 expert customer support for the life of the hearing aids.  Our technology and software options are the best available.

Want to learn more about the Embrace Hearing X-series?  Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss the technology and the best options for your hearing needs and budget. Need a hearing test? We can help you find a local Audiologist or provide instructions for a free an online test.

To compare Embrace Hearing aids to other brands, please see our Hearing Aid Comparator Tool. 





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