Deaf in one ear? "CROS" Hearing aids are the solution


Single sided deafness? Until you suffer from severe to complete or unaidable hearing loss in one ear, it is hard to appreciate how important it is to hear the vast variety of sound that comes from all around you.  You can completely miss the message someone whispers into your unaidable ear, be unable to manage a conversation with someone located on your weak hearing side, and miss important sounds and noises (like a car approaching) that could put you into great danger.

Embrace Hearing's new CROS hearing aids allow you to hear everything from both sides in crystal clear quality  - at an affordable price that is less than half a local retailer. Our CROS system is designed specifically for people who have unaidable partial to total hearing loss in one ear and some (or no) hearing loss in the other ear. 

With the Embrace Hearing CROS hearing aids, you wear two hearing aids. The aid worn on your better ear is programmed to the hearing loss on that ear. The aid on your unaidable/uncorrectable ear looks the same but sends all of the sound it picks up wirelessly to the hearing aid on your good ear. Each hearing aid uses sophisticated binaural signal processing software to automatically focus on speech from the front, from behind, and from the side - enabling effortless 360° hearing, even in the most challenging and noisy environments. So no matter where a sound comes from - you will hear it perfectly in your good ear.  

Embrace Hearing CROS hearing aids come in the two most popular styles - Behind-the-Ear (BTE) and Invisible-In-Canal (IIC).  

Both styles offer all the features that you should expect from the best quality hearing aids with the latest technology: 

    • Programming, unlimited support and care from an experienced Doctor of Audiology
    • Software that automatic adjusts to 7 different hearing environments. (For example, if you move from a quiet car into a noisy restaurant, the hearing aids immediately detect the change in background noise and automatically adjust for it. You do not need to fiddle with the aids to find the right program.)
    • Easy remote adjustments. Our Audiologists can upload an adjustment to your hearing aids remotely through our free mobile phone app. No appointments or shipping required.
    • 45 day money-back trial period and a 3-year comprehensive warranty
    • Dual/directional microphones, advanced background/wind noise reduction and fully automatic feedback blocking. Rechargeable and Bluetooth options available.
    • And much, much more!

Interested in learning more?  Give us a call at 888-929-9555! 



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