How We Handle Adjustments After Purchase

Many customers have questions about buying hearing aids online. Beyond “How much do hearing aids cost?” and “What are good hearing aid prices?”, we get many questions regarding how we handle adjustments after the hearing aids are purchased.

We start with your professionally conducted hearing test.

There is no substitute for a professional test conducted in a sound proof room with calibrated equipment. We can help you get this completed locally.

In fact, adjustments are rarely required with Embrace Hearing. Only 1 in every 15 of our customers require adjustments from our initial programming and almost no one requires a second adjustment (until you get a new hearing test and want the programming updated). We do this by working hard to get our hearing aids programmed correctly before they are delivered to the customer.

Getting Amplification Right:

All those new sounds can be a little overwhelming at first. To help you adjust, after programming your aids to the results of your test, a local Audiologist will reduce the overall prescribed volume by about 30% and then ask you to come back regularly for 6-20 weeks so they can slowly increase the volume as your brain adjusts to the new sounds. At Embrace Hearing, we do precisely the same thing but we have Acclimatization software that does this automatically. You don’t have to go anywhere. After every 7 days of use, the volume increases a little bit until the optimal level is reached. As you and your brain adjust, you get a little more volume on a weekly basis until the adjustment is reached. This software helps eliminate roughly 90% of all post purchase adjustments.

Getting sizing right:

Embrace Hearing aims to get things right the first time and uses numerous fitting techniques to ensure you receive the appropriate aids and the correct programming for your specific needs as defined by your hearing test. Beyond the programming, we determine the “fit” for different ears through a series of proven questions from our Audiology Team after your order is placed. The correct domes and receiver wires as well as any special programming you require (like a Tinnitus Manager) are quickly and reliably determined through this process. We also provide you with a variety of ‘back-up’ items just in case we need to help you adjust something after you receive the aids.

Ongoing customer service:

To make sure everything is always 100%, we work with you as long as you own the aids. We help you over the phone or by email to resolve any issues you ever have.  Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that we can respond quickly to your needs and concerns.

There will always be ongoing maintenance such as the accumulation of ear wax on the aid. In every order, we include the supplies users need to maintain optimum performance of their hearing aids in just a few minutes a week. Additionally, we have a series of online videos on our website to show you what to do.

At Embrace Hearing, we aim to get everything right the first time and then help you keep everything delivering the high performance results you need.

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