Having Trouble Hearing in Restaurants?  New Premium Hearing Aids with will Adjust Automatically!

To hear clearly, we all need to understand sound and conversation in a variety of listening situations. Some situations, like noisy restaurants and social settings are far more challenging than the quiet of our homes. Non-hearing-impaired people can intuitively adapt to hear the world around them, no matter what the noise environment.  However, in the past, hearing aids could not identify and adjust to different hearing environments.  To compensate, users had to push a “Program” button hoping to find a manual setting that might help.

Today’s hearing aid technology has made listening easier than ever before with Live Auto-Surround programming. Premium hearing aids now use advanced technology and software to precisely analyze the environment in real-time while automatically providing the optimal setting for the best possible listening experience. This new technology allows the wearer to move through differing environments (like from a quiet room to a noisy restaurant) without the need to manually switch programs. The hearing aid adapts on its own as you go through your day.

If you have used ‘manual’ programs in the past, they are still on the hearing aids but they are rarely used. The automatic feature is far more effective (and convenient!). You just put the aids on in the morning, take them off when you go to bed, and never fuss with them in between. When the hearing aids are turned on, the Live Auto-Surround is immediately activated.

Live Auto-Surround software is available on most current models of true premium hearing aids - including all models of Embrace Hearing aids.  As the level of software sophistication increases within models, so will the number of environments recognized and adjusted for by the aid.  Most lower level models of premium aids will recognize and adjust for three different environments (usually noisy conversation, quiet conversation and quiet) while the most sophisticated aids will provide seven automatic listening environments (adding music, noise, and conversation in a small group, and conversation in a crowd).

Ready to upgrade to Live Auto-Surround technology?  Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss the technology and the best options for your needs and budget.

To compare Embrace Hearing aids to other brands, please see our Hearing Aid Comparator Tool. 

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