How do I find the Best Hearing Aids?

Finding the best hearing aids for your individual needs can be complicated. At Embrace Hearing, we are committed to selling the best hearing aids available to our customers.  Our hearing aids deliver industry leading sound clarity at affordable prices. To do this, we are honest and upfront about the features and benefits of our aids while putting an emphasis on product quality and service.  Not every hearing aid company does this – and performance details are obscured behind marketing rhetoric and empty promises unless you insist on getting the details on each hearing aid’s features. Often, the best hearing aids’ cost is not reflective of its technology and sound clarity. You need to know what to look for.

Start by asking these three simple questions to all the hearing aid providers you are considering:

Will these Hearing Aids be custom programmed to my hearing test by an Audiologist?

      • The best quality hearing aids will be programmed to meet each patients specific hearing deficits by an Audiologist (A licensed hearing health care professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss. Audiologists have completed a doctor of audiology degree and have extensive training in the science of sound reproduction, which is critical to the accurate fitting and adjustment of hearing aids). Some “budget” providers will use inexperienced, Hearing Instrument Specialists instead of highly qualified Audiologists.

      • If you are not asked for a hearing test, you will not be receiving custom programmed hearing aids.

      • Don’t fall for “self-programmed aids”. These aids come with a few basic hearing loss programs in the hope that one will meet a patient’s needs, often by making conversation louder, but not clearer. 

    What technology do the best hearing aids have to maximize sound clarity?

      • The best hearing aids will have 20-24 programmable bands which will allow the Audiologist to accurately program the software to optimally boost the sound frequencies that each individual is not hearing properly without making all frequencies louder – this is what provides the best sound clarity to each patient.

      • Hearing aids with 20-24 bands should also automatically adjust to multiple sound environments (7 is what you should expect) allowing users to move seamlessly from quiet places to loud noisy rooms.

      • The best hearing aids use sophisticated software and dual microphones to provide sound directionality. These features allow sound focus on the active speaker while actively working to reduce background noise.

    We can you expect in terms of Warranty, convenience features and Customer Support?

        • High quality hearing aid manufacturers and retailers will offer a three year comprehensive warranty included in the price of the hearing aids.

        • Ask detailed questions about what you can expect in terms of support after you purchase. Make sure you can speak with an Audiologist any day of the week and check to see if you will need an appointment, as these can take several days or weeks with some retailers.

        • Many of today’s best hearing aids come with Bluetooth, remote programming capability and rechargeable batteries options. Some are virtually invisible. Bluetooth features will work with the Apple devices but may not work with Android phones.

      Think about what will work best for your lifestyle – but make sure you invest in sound clarity and comfort before the “bells and whistles”.

      Wondering how Embrace Hearing stacks up? 

      Our X-950 and our invisible C-940 models are among the best hearing aids available anywhere.  Both models have 20 programmable bands that our Audiologists program specifically to your hearing test. Our aids adjust automatically to 7 sound environments and perform exceptionally well in noisy restaurants and rooms.  Programming and customer support is provided by experienced Audiologists who are available 7 days a week. 

      Finding it hard to Compare Different Hearing Aid Models?  

      We have done the work for you!  Use Our Hearing Aid Cost/Feature Comparison Tool.

      Did you know only 5 companies make almost all of the hearing aids sold by all of the Audiologists world-wide?

      Read more about who makes hearing aids and What Makes a Better Hearing Aid?


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