Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Start with a hearing test

To program your hearing aids, our audiology team requires a recent hearing test. You can obtain a hearing test from a local audiologist or ENT Doctor for about $50–$100. Be sure to get a copy of the results. There are also some excellent smartphone APP hearing tests that you can see on our Hearing Test page

Step 2: Place your hearing aid order online or call us for additional help

If you are not sure which Embrace hearing-aid model is best for you or your budget, our audiology team is happy to review your hearing test for free and make a recommendation before you buy.

Step 3: Receive your custom programmed hearing aids in 5–8 days.

Our audiology team will program your hearing aids and deliver them to your door. If you are not fully satisfied, return your hearing aids to us within 45 days for a full refund. You will receive unlimited support for as long as you own the hearing aids.


The Audiologist that programmed your hearing aids will call you to check in the day after you receive them. You can call us for help anytime, 7 days a week for as long as you own the aids.

Still have questions? We’re here to help.

Call us toll free: (888)-929-9555

Email us: info@embracehearing.com

Why Embrace?

  • Technology

    We sell only the very latest hearing aids featuring powerful technology and discreet design.

  • Affordability

    We sell hearing aids for affordable prices by working directly with the leading European manufacturer and by only selling a limited selection of proven devices that we know meet our high standards for performance.

  • Service

    Even with our affordable pricing, we know that hearing aids are an investment and that ongoing service and support is critical.

    • Unlimited, experienced, and personal customer support
    • A 24/7 toll-free customer hotline
    • Direct access to our board-certified audiology team whenever necessary
    • Instructional videos and other resources to help you care for your devices


Since 2011, we have been on a mission. When you hear better, you live better: conversations are more fluid, music is more vivid, life takes on more dimension. Our mission is to make that possible.

Our premium hearing devices come directly from one of the leading European manufacturers. They are programmed by our US-based, board-certified audiology team according to the precise specifications identified in your audiogram. Our devices are easy to use, beautifully discreet, and because we buy direct from the manufacturer, they are affordable. Most importantly, whether it’s before, during, or after your purchase, our dedicated customer support staff is here to help you.

To hear better is to live better.
And to embrace hearing is to embrace life.

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