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Hearing Aids | Embrace Hearing TechCrunch

"Embrace Hearing could very easily make a play at being the Apple (or Warby Parker) of hearing aids, taking tired designs and clunky models and giving them a smart, design-centric, and user-friendly alternative."

Hearing Aids | Embrace Hearing New York Times

"An online store called Embrace Hearing (where prices run from $399 to $899), said that private retailers had to raise prices to cover fixed costs."

Hearing Aids | Wharton VIP Embrace Hearing

"Embrace Hearing, an online hearing aid retailer that aims to improve the lives of the millions Americans with untreated hearing loss."

"Hearing loss has been linked to chronic disease, depression and even reduced earnings, and the health benefits of treatment are clear…Nonetheless, the hearing care industry seems content with a status quo characterized by inflated costs and low adoption..."

Hearing Aids | Technically Philly Embrace Hearing

"The duo is able to undercut most hearing aid distributors on the market by partnering with a German manufacturer that Porter says is trying to enter the U.S. market."

"Embrace Hearing keeps its prices low by separating the sale of the hearing aids from the services, making the medical devices far more affordable."

Hearing Aids | NPR Embrace Hearing
"Some businesses see the hearing aid market as an opportunity... Ross Porter, the founder of online retailer Embrace Hearing, says hearing aids are only expensive because audiologists and distributors charge steep markups on them."
Hearing Aids | Bloomberg Embrace Hearing

"A number of startups think they can get even more extreme with the cost cutting. Embrace Hearing, for example, has a Web-based service that mails you a hearing aid that costs about $600. You simply upload your prescription and an audiologist reviews it and discusses options with you."

Hearing Aids | Wharton VIP Embrace Hearing

Top 12 Entrepreneurs in Philadelphia under 30

"Embrace Hearing sells hearing aid products ... through its website at a substantial discount to the customer (starting at $399), circumventing the markups by audiologists that raise costs into the thousands."

"Tanzer and Porter hope to revolutionize the hearing aid market in the coming year"

"We increase affordability and accessibility to hearing aids without circumventing quality."

Hearing Aids | Wharton VIP Embrace Hearing

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