• AutoSurround

    Until recently, the software in even the best hearing aids was unable to automatically adjust to changes in environments (a quiet room versus a noisy restaurant). To meet the needs of changing environments, the hearing aid wearer had to manually change programs on the hearing aids or use a remote control. While you still have the ability to manually adjust the programs on Embrace Hearing aids, the advanced software on the H-300 and H-700 actually senses changes in environments and automatically adjusts the programming to meet your needs.

  • Behind-the-Ear (BtE)

    The main body of behind-the-ear hearing aids are positioned behind the ear. This allows for a greater variety of sophisticated features to be incorporated into the devices, creating a richer hearing experience.

  • BiLink (Binaural Synchronization)

    Automatic binaural synchronization enables the left and right hearing aids to work together seamlessly to improve speech recognition and directional hearing.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

    Bluetooth technology connects devices together to wirelessly stream sound. With an Embrace Bluetooth remote, you can connect your hearing aids to any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a mobile phone, an mp3 player, iPod, iPad, DVD player, or television. (Connecting to your television requires a TV transmitter, which can be purchased with an Embrace Bluetooth remote.)

  • Channels (Sound processing channels)

    Hearing aid channels split the entire audible frequency spectrum—or what we can hear—into discrete sections which can be individually amplified. The more channels the hearing aid has, the more closely the hearing aid amplification can be matched to your individual needs.

  • Custom Programming

    The information in your audiogram allows our Board Certified Audiology Team to program your hearing aids specifically to your individual hearing aid profile. To ensure an optimal hearing experience, all of our hearing aids are custom programmed without exception.

  • Noise Reduction

    Background noise can sometime intrude upon the listening experience; Noise Reduction helps mitigate that intrusion by dampening its effects.

  • Open Fit

    Traditional “Closed Fit” hearing aids with molded ear pieces block the ear canal, creating a "plugged up" feeling while distorting sounds, including the user’s own voice. Open fit devices leave the ear canal open for a more natural hearing experience. All Embrace Hearing devices are open fit.

  • Receiver-in-Canal (RiC)

    A receiver-in-canal (RiC) hearing aid is a type of behind-the-ear (BtE) device. With a RiC, the microphones, software, and battery are behind the ear; but the receiver (or speaker) is inserted directly into the ear canal. RiCs are smaller and consume less power than general behind-the-ear designs, yet they provide much better sound quality because the sound receiver is positioned in the ear canal itself.

  • Sound Impulse Management

    Sound impulse management technology provides a smoother listening experience by softening sudden, harsh sounds, such as breaking glass or jangling keys. For the purpose of safety, these sounds are not eliminated, just dampened.

  • SpeechBeam

    In real-world settings, speech comes at us from multiple directions. SpeechBeam’s unique signal processing technology does a superior job of localizing speech from the front, from behind, and from the side—providing a high-definition, 360-degree hearing experience, even in noisy environments.

  • SpeechOptimzer+

    Optimizes speech clarity and listening comfort in environments with a great deal of background noise.

  • TV Transmitter

    Transmitting your television’s volume directly to your hearing aids requires a TV transmitter. This wireless (Bluetooth) device establishes a one-to-one link between the hearing aids and the television, so the hearing-aids wearer can raise or lower the TV’s volume without adjusting the volume of the TV itself and affecting the listening experience of others.

  • TruMusic

    Mimics how the ear hears music, providing a more vibrant hearing experience.

  • WindBlock

    WindBlock technology automatically softens harsh and unpleasant wind noise.

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