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Hearing Aid Glossary

BTE Hearing Aids Glossary

Older hearing aid models often suffered from feedback loops. These effect was similar to placing a microphone next to a speaker, and hearing aid users experiences the feedback as annoying whistling.

Feedback stands no chance with the advanced feedback block technology in Embrace Hearing Aids. The feedback block system ensures that whistling sounds are immediately detected, marked and prevented from passing any further.
Wind noise can be experienced as unpleasant for hearing aid users. Active Wind Block technology detects wind noise and automatically softens it.
Binaural synchronization allows the left and right hearing aids to work together seamlessly. The input obtained from each device is shared between the pair in order to allow adjustments to signal processing based on this combined intelligence. This process allows symmetrical steering of functions such as digital noise reduction and directional technology, and improves localization and speech recognition, especially in noisy enviroments. User adjustments to volume and program selection are also shared wirelessly between the two devices, maintaining harmonized settings between the ears and optimizing the usage experience.
Bluetooth is a wireless technology for exchanging data over short distances, creating personal area networks with high levels of security. It can connect several devices, overcoming problems of synchronization.

Bluetooth enables you to use linked hearing systems like a headset when making telephone calls. When listening to music or the television, your hearing systems work like intelligent stereo headphones.

With the Bluetooth remote, you can:
  • Connect to your cell phone or landline
  • Connect to your television (with included Media Transmitter)
  • Connect to external signal sources, such as your MP3 player or CD and DVD player in your home entertainment system
While many people have similar hearing loss profiles, high-quality hearing aids are not one-size fits all. The information in your audiogram allows professionals to program hearing aids specifically to your individual hearing aid profile. For example, if you have common high-frequency hearing loss, universal amplification of sound (including lower frequencies) would have unhelpful effects.
This allows you to understand everything easily even in noisy environments. Intelligent speech recognition constantly accentuates speech. Automatic noise reduction allows you to concentrate fully on conversations.
This allows you to follow conversations without difficulty even in a group situation. Several microphones in different positions allow you to be involved in everything going on around you without interruption and understand speech even better.
Traditional hearing aid designs often blocked the ear canal and created a "plugged up" feeling and distorted certain sounds (eg, the sound of one's own voice). Open fit devices leave the canal open for a more natural feeling and sound quality. Because they allow lower frequency sounds to escape from the ear canal, open fit devices are best suited for moderately severe high frequency hearing loss. For more profound hearing loss, Embrace Hearing aids come fitted with "closed tip" receiver configurations to better retain low-frequency sounds.
Rather than sitting in the main body of the hearing aid and projecting sound down a hollow tube, a receiver in the canal sits at the end of the tube and in the ear canal itself. Since it is closer to the eardrum, the receiver can be smaller and produce less sound and consume less power while providing the same effective amplification.

Additionally, removing the receiver from the body of the hearing aid enables designers to make the hearing aid itself very small -- a true "mini" BTE hearing aid. RIC hearing aids are also typically "open fit" -- they offer natural sound quality without blocking the auditory canal and producing a feeling of occlusion.

Because of their advantages, RIC mini BTE hearing aids have been rapidly gaining popularity.
Impulse signals such as the clattering of dishes, jangling of change, or rustling of paper can be unpleasant for hearing aid users. Embrace's advanced sound impulse management technology isolates and softens these sudden, distracting noises for an uninterrupted, pleasant listening experience -- without impairing amplification of voices and other sounds you do want to hear.

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