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Frequently Asked Questions

The Embrace Hearing Experience

  • Why Choose Embrace Hearing Aids?

    Since 2011, Embrace Hearing has been offering unsurpassed product quality and service at affordable prices. All our hearing aids use the latest designs and premium software from the leading European manufacturers. Our customers love their experience with Embrace Hearing; we are the #1 highest rated hearing aid company by Consumer Affairs in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

  • How Do I buy Embrace Hearing Aids?

    Ordering Embrace hearing aids is a simple 3-step process:
    1: Start with a hearing test
    2: Place your hearing aid order online or call us anytime at (888) 929-9555 for help
    3: Receive your custom programmed hearing aids in 5–8 days
    For details, please see How It Works.

  • Do you ship Internationally?

    Yes. We ship to Canada and most countries around the world.

Trial, Warranties and Returns

  • What is a 45 Day free-trial?

    You will have 45 days to try our hearing aids. We will do our best to resolve any issues you are having but at any time during the 45 days, and for any reason, you can return everything to us for a 100% refund. Unlike local clinics and most other online retailers, we do not charge re-stocking or programming fees. Once we receive the undamaged hearing aids in their original packaging, your refund will be processed within 48 hours of receipt. It may take up to a week for your bank to reflect the refund on your account.

  • What is covered by the Warranty?

    Embrace Hearing includes, at no charge, the longest, most comprehensive warranty available from on-line retailers – 3 Years on our C and X Series, and 2 Years on our A Series. During the warranty period, all manufacturer defects including the replacement of rechargeable batteries and worn receivers are covered at no charge to you. There is no charge for reprogramming or adjustments during the warranty period.

  • How does the return process work?

    You must complete a return before the end of your 45-day trial period. To initiate a return, call us at (888) 929-9555 or send us an email to request a Return Form. This form must be completed and shipped to us with everything included in the original packaging. Your refund will be processed within 48 hours of receipt, but it may take up to a week for your bank to process the transaction.

  • What if I lose or irreparably damage a hearing aid?

    During the Warranty period, Embrace Hearing offers one-time loss or irreparable damage replacement for each hearing aid at half the regular price of the hearing aid.

Models, Features and Options

  • Which model is best for my needs?

    All of Embrace Hearing’s aids offer premium technology, custom programming, and the most recent software and features. The challenge is to balance your budget with the different features offered by each “series” and “performance level”.
    ⦁ Our A Series offers simplicity and affordability.
    ⦁ Our X Series offers integrated direct Bluetooth connectivity to smart phones and other Bluetooth enabled devices, allowing for hands-free phone calls on Apple and Android phones.
    ⦁ Our C Series fits completely into your ear canal so it is virtually invisible, offering the greatest discretion.
    Once you chose your “series”, you will choose a “performance level” that best meets the challenges of hearing environments you encounter regularly. Lower performance models perform extremely well in the home environment and other quiet locations. Higher performance levels have a greater number of programmable bands, more AutoSurround listening environments and LiveSpeechFocus for superior performance in challenging listening environments like restaurants and large group situations. Please don’t hesitate to call us for advice – we love talking to our customers!

  • Comfort and Discretion

    Hearing aids only help if they are worn, so it is critical you choose a style that you are comfortable wearing all day long. While our ‘behind-the-ear’ A and X series are the most comfortable for most users, our ‘completely-in-canal’ C Series is almost invisible. The C-Series are often preferred by those who regularly wear hard-hats, hearing protection, stethoscopes, and large rimmed eye-glasses. For details, please see Completely-In-Canal Or Behind-The-Ear?

  • What are Processing Channels or Programmable Bands?

    This is the number of sound frequency bands we use to program your hearing aids to the results of your hearing test. Up to a point, the greater the number of bands, the better the sound quality. The maximum number of bands you can benefit from is around 20. After that, your brain cannot detect a difference.

  • Options for Severe and Profound Hearing Loss

    Our hearing aids serve the vast majority of hearing-loss issues, including severe and profound loss. We can ensure that our products are a good fit for your needs when you send us your hearing test results.

  • What are AutoSurround, LiveSpeachFocus, Tinnitus Manager, Telecoil and BiCROS options?

    AutoSurround: Software that automatically identifies and adjusts to changes in your sound environment (e.g. From a quiet car to a noisy restaurant) so no manual adjustments are needed. Higher performance levels will automatically adjust to a greater number of environments.
    LiveSpeachFocus: Technology to enable optimal speech understanding in noisy or group situations. The aids dynamically scan your listening environment to focus on the active speaker in your immediate vicinity. It is a feature on the highest performance levels of the A and X Series.
    Tinnitus Manager: While most people with tinnitus (The perception of high pitch noise or ringing in your ears) get an immediate benefit by restoring the natural high frequencies with programmed hearing aids, there is more we can do. All of our hearing aids come with a tinnitus management program. This is not a cure but it can help alleviate tinnitus symptoms through the use of a self-adjustable 'white noise' sound in the background if the restoration of high frequency hearing through the use hearing aids does not significantly improves tinnitus symptoms.
    Telecoil: A small coil found inside some hearing aids. The telecoil wirelessly picks up sound signals from a hearing loop system. Hearing loops can be found in some auditoriums, train stations, airports, places of worship, and theaters. All Embrace Hearing A-Series models and the rechargeable versions of the X-Series are equipped with telecoils.
    BiCROS hearing aids are designed for people who with unaidable hearing loss in one ear but have some level of hearing on the other. You would wear hearing aids on both ears. A microphone picks up sounds from the weak ear and transmits it to wirelessly the ear with better hearing. All Embrace Hearing A and C Series models and the rechargeable versions of the X Series can be programmed for BiCROS hearing.

  • Rechargeable vs. Disposable Batteries

    If you have a reliable evening routine, the convenience and environmental benefits of rechargeable hearing aids are clear. However, there are advantages to models with replaceable batteries which should be considered before committing to rechargeable models:
    ⦁ If a replaceable battery dies, it can be replaced at any drug or grocery store world-wide and the hearing aid will resume normal function immediately. However, with rechargeables, if you forget to put your hearing aids in the charger at night, they must be charged for several hours before they can be used.
    ⦁ Replaceable batteries are inexpensive and are readily available locally and around the world. With normal use, it will cost about $25 -$50 per year to operate a pair of our hearing aids.
    ⦁ While rechargeable batteries will last about 20 hours on a charge, replaceable batteries last 3-10 days depending on your hearing loss, the hearing aid model and level of streaming use.

  • Direct Bluetooth Streaming versus Bluetooth Enabled

    With Bluetooth technology, it is possible to connect smart phones and other Bluetooth enabled devices to your hearing aids. With our X Series, which offers direct Bluetooth streaming, no special remotes or devices are needed to send stereo sound directly to your aids – and, better still, your aids will act as a microphone for your smart phone – allowing completely handsfree phone calls from any Apple or Android device! Your smart phone (Apple or Android) can also act as a remote for your aids with a free APP. Our A Series can also be used with Bluetooth enabled devices, but require the use of a Premium Bluetooth Remote ($299) to enable this functionality. At present, our C Series does not offer Bluetooth connection.

Costs and Financing

  • Why are hearing aids so expensive

    At a traditional hearing aid retailer, the average cost of a pair of hearing aids is over $4,500. Cost is the primary reason why most people who could benefit from hearing aids don't use them. The Hearing Industries Association estimates that professional fees, rent and overheads from retail offices and staff account for approximately two-thirds of the cost. These costs are high because the absolute number of hearings aids sold by local clinic to customers is a small local area or zip code.

  • Why are online hearing aids so much more economical than traditional hearing aid clinics?

    Online retailers can offer the same high quality, audiologist-programmed hearing aids for thousands of dollars less. Online retailers reduce the costs of the hearing aids by:
    ⦁ Buying directly from the manufacturer in bulk, eliminating the need for distributors.
    ⦁ Focusing on a limited range of models of hearing aids to get the best pricing possible.
    ⦁ Eliminating the costs of retail storefronts and retail staff while maintaining a highly experienced audiology and customer service team.
    ⦁ Selling to a broad base of customers – across the United States and around the world.

  • What payment and financing options do you offer?

    In addition to accepting all credit cards, we accept PayPal. Financing is available from PayPal Credit (6 months interest free) and we offer interest free plans from CareCredit and Affirm. For details, please see Payment Plans.

Service, Repairs and Reprogramming

  • How does Embrace Hearing Deal with Hearing Aid Adjustments and Re-programming?

    Embrace Hearing provides free (including shipping) re-programming during your device’s warranty period. All reprogramming is completed on the same day we receive the aids. However, adjustments are rarely required with Embrace Hearing because:
    ⦁ Your hearing test ensures that the hearing aids are programmed to your precise hearing needs 
    ⦁ We use numerous fitting techniques to ensure you receive the appropriately sized aids and provide you with a variety of ‘back-up’ items just in case we need to help you adjust something after you receive the aids. (We can usually do this over the phone).
    ⦁ Embrace Hearing aids self-adjust overtime. When you first receive hearing aids, it can be a little overwhelming to get all those sounds back right away. Local clinics ask you to come back every few weeks to gradually adjust the aids for you. Our hearing aids have automatically adjusting software that automatically re-programs itself to slowly increase the volume as you and your brain adjust.
    ⦁ To make sure everything is always 100%, our audiologists will work with you as long as you own the aids. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No appointments needed!

  • How Long can I Count on Customer Support from Embrace Hearing

    Our audiologists will work with you as long as you own the aids. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No appointments needed!

  • How do you handle repairs?

    If you properly care for your hearing aids, major repairs are rare. Some repairs can be managed remotely and some will require you to return them to us or the manufacturer. If you require a repair within the warranty period, there will be no repair or shipping cost to you. If you are outside the warranty period, we will provide an estimate of repair work required before the work is done.

  • What happens after my warranty has expired?

    Our audiologists will work with you as long as you own the aids. If you require a repair, we will provide an estimate of repair work required before the work is done.

Hearing Tests

  • Signs you may have hearing loss

    If you suffer from two or more of these issues, you are likely experiencing some degree of hearing loss:
    ⦁ Do you struggle to hear in groups of three or more people?
    ⦁ Do you ask friends and family members to repeat information frequently?
    ⦁ Do you increase the volume on the radio or TV to a level that’s uncomfortable for those around you?
    ⦁ Do you find you are no longer enjoying social activities like group dinners at restaurants because you struggle to hear the conversation?
    ⦁ Do you frequently miss the beginning of conversations because it’s hard to hear? For most adults, hearing loss stems from damage to the inner ear, which is typically caused by aging or chronic exposure to loud noise. Hearing loss cannot be reversed, but its symptoms can be alleviated with the use of hearing aids.

  • Can I visit Embrace Hearing to get a test?

    Embrace Hearing does not have retail operations or a facility to conduct sound proof hearing tests. We recommend that you get your hearing tested by a licensed audiologist in a soundproof room. If you would like help finding an Audiologist in your area, please contact us and we will send you a list and booking instructions. Having said that, we recognize this is not always convenient, so we also provide our customers with online test options. These particular tests have proven to be highly effective. See Hearing Tests.

  • Our Online Hearing Test Options

    If you do not yet have a hearing test, you can assess your hearing loss with a SmartPhone app. These particular tests have proven to be highly accurate in measuring hearing loss if you follow the sound calibration steps in the test. Please note that an online hearing test never replaces a visit to a hearing care professional and is not a medical diagnosis. See Hearing Tests.

  • Online hearing tests versus Professional Tests conducted by Audiologists

    Some online hearing tests have proven to be highly accurate in measuring hearing loss if you follow the sound calibration steps in the instructions and do the test in an extremely quiet location. However, an online hearing test never replaces a visit to a hearing care professional and is not a medical diagnosis. If you would like help finding an Audiologist in your area, please contact us and we will send you a list and booking instructions. See Hearing Tests.

General Information About Hearing Aids

  • How to Compare Hearing Aid Models

    First of all, we only sell hearing aids (which are programmed to your hearing test). We do not sell and unprogrammed amplifiers which are cheap and deceptive imitations real hearing aids. If you are not asked for a hearing test, you are buying amplifiers. At lower the end, hearing aid models offer good performance in quieter settings and watching TV, while the higher end levels perform much better in challenging environments like noisy restaurants, meetings and large open spaces. To determine how different models compare, ask for this information:
    ⦁ Is the hearing aid custom programmed to your specific hearing test?
    ⦁ How many programmable channels or bands does the hearing aid have?
    ⦁ How many sound environments does the hearing automatically adjust to?
    ⦁ How does each model assist hearing in crowded and noisy situations? The best models will offer specialized technology that will actively help amplify the sounds you want to hear and minimize background noise. (See LiveSpeachFocus)
    ⦁ How long is the warranty? Does it cover rechargeable battery replacement? Does it cover shipping?
    ⦁ How do you control volume on the aids (A button, a smartphone app or a remote)?
    ⦁ What is the power source (disposable or rechargeable battery) ?
    ⦁ Does the model offer Direct, 2 way hands-free Bluetooth Streaming or do you need to speak into your phone?, Do you need a remote for streaming?
    ⦁ How long can you count on no charge service and re-programming?
    ⦁ Are there any add-on costs? Will there be a restocking fee to return the aids?

  • How long do Hearing Aids Last

    As with cell phones and other electronic devices, most people replace hearing aids to get access to new technology rather than due to malfunctioning devices. With a small amount of daily care, most hearing aid users should expect their Premium hearing aids to last 5 years or longer. After 5 years major repairs can become difficult because the model may no longer be available from the manufacturer.

  • Hearing Aids Versus Personal Sound Amplifiers

    Hearing aids are FDA regulated and are custom programmed by a licensed hearing professional to the meet the specific needs defined by your hearing test. Personal Sound Amplifiers are not custom programmed – they simply amplify all the sound in your environment making things louder, but not clearer. Amplifiers cost anywhere for $25 - $2,000. Programmed Hearing aids range from about $600 - $3,500 each. If you are not asked for a hearing test, they are just selling amplifiers.

  • What Does Health Insurance Cover?

    Most health insurers do not provide coverage for hearing aids. To determine if your health insurance covers hearing aids, check with your individual plan. Some health plans may pay a specified amount toward the purchase of aids every 2 or 3 years. Be wary of health plans that offer an allowance toward hearing aids only if you purchase from a contracted provider. The allowance may still leave you with a higher out-of-pocket cost than you would find elsewhere online.


We sell hearing aids for your ears. We’ve also got your back.

Adjusting to a new device:

An adjustment period after you start using your device is not uncommon…

Your audiogram determines the initial fit that our audiologists will use for your custom device. If you need to make adjustments, Embrace Hearing provides free re-programming during your device’s warranty period.

Maintaining your device:

Most audiologists charge money for simple maintenance you can do at home. If you are having trouble with your device, please see our library of maintenance videos created to empower you and save you money.


Repairs are very rare, but if you think it may be required, we employ a simple three-step process to get you the help you need.
1: Call us toll free at (888) 929-9555 or email us at to discuss the problem you are dealing with.
2: If necessary, we will provide you with shipping information to one of our service facilities.
3: We will repair the device and send it back within 48 hours of receiving it.

Still have questions? We have answers.

Call us at 1-888-929-9555 or contact us.

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