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Hearing Test: Where to get an Audiogram

Where To Get a Hearing Test

Yes, we require a recent test (within the past six months). The results of the test are used to custom program the hearing aids to your precise needs. This is a critical part of getting the best hearing possible and you can read more about this HERE. You can see an example of what your hearing test results look like HERE.

When you book your test, we suggest the following:

  1. Make your appointment at a local ENT (ear/nose/throat) doctor or a local Audiologist. They have the most experience and give the best tests. Avoid chains and big box stores like Walmart. We recommend getting a recommendation from a friend or family member but your regular doctor will also know someone locally.

    If you need help, you can see all Audiologists in your area here: HEALTHGRADESPlease note that this list defaults to "Best Match" and sometimes these doctors are far away from you - simply change the "Sort By" filter above the list to "Distance" to see nearby locations. 

  2. If they say the test is free, they will not likely give you a copy. Be sure to tell them you will want a copy of the test when you book the test. They might charge you $80 for the test but you will be able to have a copy and buy your hearing aids anywhere you like.

  3. Ask them to measure your "Word Recognition" as well as the standard 'tone' test. This should not cost anymore but is very good information.

  4.  Our price will generally be about 1/3 of their price. If you would like to submit your hearing test to Embrace Hearing for a recommendation, please send a copy or photo of your test to or fax it to (917) 382-2742 and our experienced audiology team will make a recommendation as to how to best meet your hearing needs. Once we have your order and hearing test, your hearing aids will be delivered within a week and they come with a 45 day free trial period.

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