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Hearing Test: Where to get an Audiogram

Where To Get a Hearing Test

An audiogram is the standard hearing assessment used to program hearing aids. Hearing tests are available at many locations across the country. Audiologist clinics, hearing aid dispensing stores, branded stores (eg. Miracle Ear), and Hearing Health clinics in many Costco and Sam’s Club locations all offer the service. While some audiologists will charge for hearing tests, it typically doesn’t take more than a few local phone calls to locate a cost-free option.


How Do Hearing Tests Work?

A hearing test measures one's hearing threshold at standardized frequencies. Hearing tests run from low frequencies (around 250Hz) to higher frequencies (around 8000Hz) while the tester determines the hearing threshold at each frequency by playing tones at varying loudness (measured in decibels). The resulting data is used to create a graph with the frequency in Hertz on the horizontal axis, and the loudness in decibels on the vertical axis.

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