Hearing Tests

A hearing test provides the data we need to:
1) Advise you on what will work best for you and
2) Custom program your hearing aids to give you precisely what you need


  • What is a hearing test?

    A hearing test provides an evaluation of your ability to hear across the range of relevant frequencies in our environment. Wearing headphones, sounds are played in to you left and right ears to measure you ability to hear. Results from a hearing test are displayed on an audiogram. An audiogram is a graph that shows the softest sounds a person can hear in their left and right ear at different pitches or frequencies.

  • Why Should I Get a Hearing Test?

    The hearing test results, or Audiogram, shows your level of hearing loss across the range of relevant frequencies. The data is essentially your personal hearing prescription and is used by a licensed professional to custom program your hearing aids to give you exactly what you need.

  • What does a hearing test look like?

    This is an image of a standard hearing test. The RED line (or the line with ”0”s on it) represents hearing ability in the RIGHT ear and the BLUE line line (or the line with ”X”s on it) is the LEFT ear. The lower frequencies are on the left side of the graph and the higher frequencies are on the right side of the graph. The further below the lines are from 0 dB on the vertical axis, the greater the hearing loss at that particular frequency. In the graph below, the individual has 60 decibels of hearing loss at 4,000 hertz. Along with the other points on the graph, this is what is used to program the hearing aids.

  • Where can I get a hearing test?

    The best hearing tests are done by licensed Audiologists at a properly equipped clinic. However, appointments can be hard to get and some of our customers comment about the hard selling techniques of these clinics. Because of this, online test have become increasingly effective and are used by many.

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