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How We Do It

By making high-quality hearing aids affordable, our mission is to make them accessible to Americans who cannot afford, or simply do not wish to pay, thousands of dollars in retailer markups.

Embrace Hearing's hearing aids are engineered and produced in Germany with the latest technology, from an industry-leading manufacturer. Our devices are commonly sold by audiologists for thousands of dollars. Yet, we are able to deliver hearing aids directly to you at a fraction of the price.

How can we offer high-quality hearing aids for $299?

It's important to understand why hearing aids cost so much today:

Audiologists control the vast majority of sales in the US hearing aid market. While audiologists provide valuable services, they view the sale of hearing aid devices as an opportunity to generate profits by charging exorbitant markups of 3 to 5 times or even more. These markups are the only reason hearing aids cost so much.

Audiologists mark up hearing aids an additional 3-5 times at sale. We cut out the middlemen.

We work directly with manufacturers 

By providing you with all of the support and guidance during the purchasing process, we remove the need for an audiologist visit.  We have direct contact with our top-tier manufacturer, allowing us to sell directly to you on our revolutionary online platform.

We prioritize affordability and accessibility

Today 75% of Americans who would benefit from hearing aids choose not to purchase. When asked why, the most commonly cited reason is high cost. Among the 25% who do use hearing aids, the high cost of replacement is a constant frustration.

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