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At Embrace Hearing, we take customer feedback and reviews seriously. That's why we've collected unbiased customer reviews here, in one place, so prospective customers can determine if our hearing aids are the right fit. Our customers—many of them repeat buyers—don't hesitate to share their opinions with us in these reviews, and we hope you'll find them useful as you search for the right hearing aid for you."

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  • Tech Crunch

    "Embrace Hearing could very easily make a play at being the Apple (or Warby Parker) of hearing aids, taking tired designs and clunky models and giving them a smart, design-centric, and user-friendly alternative."

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  • New York Times

    "An online store called Embrace Hearing (where prices run from $399 to $899), said that private retailers had to raise prices to cover fixed costs."

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  • The Huffington Post

    "Embrace Hearing, an online hearing aid retailer that aims to improve the lives of the millions Americans with untreated hearing loss."

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  • Technically Philly

    "Embrace Hearing keeps its prices low by separating the sale of the hearing aids from the services, making the medical devices far more affordable."

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