The new 360 degree hearing solution


The Problem

Imagine if you couldn't hear someone speaking to you unless you were directly facing them

With most hearing aids, you don't have to imagine this situation, because it's something you likely experience on a daily basis

The Solution

Unlike many standard hearing aids that are only oriented towards speech coming from the front of the listener, Embrace Hearing hearing aids equipped with SpeechBeam software offer a full, natural 360 degree listening experience.

Speech from all angles, always handled.

No matter where speech comes from - left, right, font or back - SpeechBeam automatically adjusts your hearing aids to pinpoint and isolate each important conversation.

SpeechBeam's works from all angles

Background noise be gone.

From busy restaurants to crowded parties, SpeechBeam identifies and reduces disruptive background noise that overwhelms other hearing aid systems, all without you having to press a single button.

SpeechBeam's Background Noise Filter

Two hearing aids powered by one sophisticated system in 'real time'.

For the highest quality listening experience, SpeechBeam's powerful processing system coordinated between your two hearing aids to ensure the clearest and cleanest sound.

SpeechBeam's 2-in-1 System

SpeechBeam is only available at Embrace Hearing as an upgrade to our new H-700 hearing aid

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