The Complete Guide to Buying Hearing Aids: When, Where, and How

All the answers to your hearing aid questions

Could I benefit from hearing aids?

  • How do I know I'm suffering from hearing loss?
  • Why should I use a hearing aid?

What is a hearing test and how do I get one?

What are my hearing challenges?

How do I choose the right hearing aid for me?

  • How are hearing aids priced?
  • What type of technology do hearing aids contain?

Where should I buy my hearing aid?

  • Local retailer
  • Online retailer
  • Big box retailer

What should I expect when I first start wearing hearing aids?

Excerpt from "How do I know I'm suffering from hearing loss?"

At first, the signs of hearing loss can be very subtle, like a gradual inability to hear higher-pitched sounds like birds chirping, wind blowing or softer instruments in music. You might not even notice these sounds are missing. But over time, hearing loss can worsen, making it difficult for you to hear frequencies that are key to speech, such as the higher-pitched sounds of a children's or some women's voices. Eventually, hearing loss can worsen and make it difficult to interpret most speaking voices. This is where hearing aid technology comes in.

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