Where To Buy Quality Hearing Aids

At Embrace Hearing, we sell quality hearing aids that are made by the world’s top two hearing aid manufacturers: Sonova (Makers of Phonak, Unitron and Embrace Hearing) and WS Audiology (Makers of Signia, Siemens, Rexton, Widex and Embrace Hearing). These are the world’s leading suppliers of Bluetooth Hearing Aids, Rechargeable Hearing Aids and Invisible Hearing Aids.


A quality hearing aid is not just the latest in hearing technology. It also includes:
Custom Programming by an Audiologist

to the precise needs defined by your hearing test. This ensures you get exactly the hearing performance you need and allows for any required adjustments in the future.

Unlimited service, a 3-year warranty and Loss Insurance

Even the most reliable hearing aids require service and support and can be lost. There shouldn’t be a limit to how much service you will receive, and you should get some financial/insurance coverage in the event of loss.

Latest technology and State of the art features.

A quality hearing aid will include the latest hearing software and hardware. In addition, there are several ‘state of the art’ features you might prefer like Bluetooth, Rechargeability, Remote Programming and a TV Streamer. Don’t pay for something you don’t need, but don’t buy something you will regret in a few years

Where to buy quality hearing aids?

The VA (Veterans Affairs)

Pros: Free for veterans

Cons: Service appointments can be hard to schedule but given the price, this is clearly the best option if you qualify

Local Audiology clinics And chains

Pros: Usually close to your home

  • In person service

Cons: Highest price. Average cost about $5,000/pair.

  • Require in person appointments for all services. These can take several weeks to get and require you to go there and sit in waiting rooms for even minor services.
  • Clinics often close or move to another town to get more customers leaving you without local support (A common complaint for Miracle Ear franchises)

Online Providers

Pros: Generally, the lowest pricing

Cons: Need to do your research to be sure you are getting top technology. There are many ‘hearing aid pretenders’ that are selling non programmed amplifiers and calling them hearing aids. Always ask if the hearing aids will be programmed to your hearing test by an Audiologist.

  • Warranties vary greatly. Look for a 3 year warranty

Embrace Hearing

Pros: Lowest pricing on latest hearing aid technology from Leading manufacturers: Sonova and WS Audiology. Price is less than half of local clinics

  • An online leader since 2012. An A+ Better Business Bureau ranking and #1 Rated since 2017 by Consumer Affairs
  • No appointment needed for service and support 7 days/week
  • Entire process – from hearing test to future adjustments can be done from your home.

Cons: Embrace is based in the USA but does not have retail outlets. This enables them to sell for less than half the price of local clinics and chains.


Eric from Lake County, OH

I'm very happy with the quality of the aids, the customer service is fast and fantastic, and the price is very very competitive! When I went to the audiologist for the required testing she couldn't help herself and asked me, if I wouldn't mind telling her, what I was getting and what the price was. After hearing she said "oh, no way, I couldn't come close to that". My advice? Embrace Embrace...you won't be sorry!


Ed. from Tennessee

I have had my Embrace C-940 hearing aids for 6 months. From the first week I have been completely satisfied. I put them in when I awake in the morning and leave them in until bed time. So comfortable that I forget that I am wearing them. I now can hear what people are saying without asking them to repeat. Good company. Great hearing aids.


Victoria S. from Montreal, Quebec

I have a moderate hearing loss and before these hearing aids I went through 2 trials with other suppliers ( an audiologist and an online shop). I found a great difference in the quality of the product at Embrace Hearing and very importantly the service exceeded all expectations plus all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. Now I hear very well without the need of repetition. I am a very happy satisfied customer and I recommend Embrace Hearing for your purchase of hearing aids.


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