• Premium Remote with Bluetooth (A-Series)
  • Premium Remote with Bluetooth (A-Series)

Premium Remote with Bluetooth (A-Series)

The exceptionally small and sleek Embrace bluetooth remote is compatible with the all Embrace A-Series hearing aids. This rechargeable bluetooth remote turns the hearing aids into a wireless Bluetooth-enabled headset for Apple and Android devices. The device features a remote microphone that allows users to be hands-free during phone calls

This remote is able to not only control hearing aid volume and manual programs but it also enables bluetooth transmission from any bluetooth enabled device (e.g. Mobile phone, iPad, Laptop or MP3 player) directly to both of your hearing aids. In addition, along with the TV Streamer accessory, the remote can stream your TV's sound directly to your hearing aids enabling you to hear TV far more clearly and control your personal TV volume without affecting the sound for others watching. 




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