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  • Embrace 100
  • Embrace 100

Embrace 100

The Embrace 100 provides an excellent hearing experience at an affordable price. It boasts behind-the-ear (BtE) design, WindBlock, Noise Reduction, and more.

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  • Mild to Moderate
    Hearing Loss

  • 4 Sound Processing

  • Level 0

  • WindBlock &
    Noise Reduction

  • SpeechOptimzer+

  • BiLink

  • Bluetooth

  • TruMusic

  • SpeachBeam

Customer Reviews

Works very well in noisy environment

Larry J from Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Hi – I was just going to tell you that I attended a larger meeting in our boardroom of about 10 people -it really works well in a noisy environment.

Exceptional service

Emma Lee from Australia

The speedy, prompt and professional service I received in relation to the maintenance and care of my hearing aids has been a great comfort to me. I cannot thank Tim enough for his personal concern and high knowledge level of the product. Embrace Hearing is the first and last word in after care service!

Embrace hearing aid

David C. from K.C., Mo.

I have had four sets of hearing aids in the last 22 years.
The price of replacement hearing aid in storefront Brands was so prohibitive that I went to the internet and found ​t​he embrace site.
Embrace aides are without question the best hearing aids that I have ever used.
I particularly like the application of turning the hearing aids into earphones​ with the bluetooth remote​. This feature is invaluable learning foreign languages and listening to music.
I also found them easier to maintain at home.

Product Highlights

  • User-controlled volume and manual programs
  • Automatic feedback blocking
  • Sound impulse manager to dampen sharp, sudden sounds
  • 4 manual program settings
  • Dirt and moisture-repellent nano-coating
  • Uses 312-Batteries

What's Included

  • Custom programming by the Embrace Hearing audiology team
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Free re-programming during warranty period
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • One-month supply of batteries
  • Durable hard-shell travel case

Shipping & Payment

  • Free shipping (arrives in 5-8 business days)
  • Eligible for payment plan